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Artist Bio

Laeti is a Haitian-American artist who lives in Miami, Florida.  She is a wife and mother. Laeti studied Fashion Design at Parsons in New York and received her Bachelor of Science in Art Education at Florida International University. She uses various media to address social and personal issues like climate change, blackness, feminism, inclusion, and her role as a new mother in creating a better world.  She uses painting, textile arts, photography, videography, and sound art to portray beauty, while conveying her sometimes painful emotions.  Laeti is a lifelong learner who seeks to discover something new from every encounter.

“I interpret my work as ever-evolving, just as we humans evolve. We are never the same from one instant to another; we are changed by our experiences, circumstances and wisdom. Likewise, I change through my work as my work changes by my hand.”

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